Well Placed Smile


your smile is your logo.
wear it powerfully, with 
intention to communicate
exactly who you are. 

like the logo on your coffee 
or the car you drive...

you tell the story of who 
you are every day.

your smile is the mark that
signifies what you stand for.

what is the power of a smile?

Well Placed Smile is a revolutionary new company that empowers people to live complete, purposeful lives. We recognize the power of an authentic smile and believe that it can be harnessed through an intentional lifestyle.

Using proven methodology, we provide you with a path to purpose and a plan to get there. Our four-day experience offers an optimal resource and setting that allow you to explore your life across every category. We package that insight into a personalized strategy to make your intentional life a reality and allow you to wear your powerful Well Placed Smile on a continual basis.


live with intention

You work hard to plan many aspects of your life: your finances, your workout schedule, your social calendar. But what about your overall life plan?

At Well Placed Smile, we inspire you to engage in your most intentional life, with exciting events and speakers and a personalized life-improvement program that gives you the tools you need to define your life vision. So you can be prepared to live your best life, every day.

who can benefit?

Serving corporate, collegiate, athletic and individual clients, we provide personalized plans to maintain and maximize intentional living. Whether you are looking to elevate your business, define your own life’s purpose, prepare for your postgraduate future, or achieve your goals in and out of your athletic life, Well Placed Smile offers a clear path to get you there.