what is the power of a smile?

Probably more than you think.

At Well Placed Smile, we believe that an authentic smile—brought forth by living each day intentionally—is the most powerful tool you possess. Your smile is your personal logo, the mark you wear when you are as you want to be in the world.

We are Nashville’s first lifestyle consultancy—a group of professionals working to guide our clients to life purpose and helping them craft a plan to achieve their ideal lives. While you may plan aspects of your life—your career path, your finances, or your fitness routine—Well Placed Smile strives to link those plans, enabling clients to cultivate a life vision that is distinctly right for them.

We do what we do because we believe that life’s too short to be lived without purpose. The most powerful smile is not an accident—it’s one that is intentionally well placed.

Well Placed Smile. A life lived with purpose. A plan to help you get there.

How powerful could your smile be?

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lifebook at well placed smile

Using Lifebook, the professionals at Well Placed Smile help clients articulate exactly what they want in life and exactly how to get it. Well Placed Smile clients emerge from the Lifebook seminar with not just a clear vision of the person they want to become, but a plan to get there and the tools they’ll need for the journey. What would your path to a Well Placed Smile look like?

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Well Placed Smile is opening in Nashville soon. In the meantime, stay updated on our news and developments. We're excited to meet you.


"Lifebook was absolutely a defining
weekend of my life.
This program will change the world."

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Best selling author and President of Parker College

"Lifebook gave me the opportunity
to think about myself in a very deep way. It was a completely transformational

Jaydev karande

Entrepreneur, Founder of Wearcast and Zipscene

"It pushed me to think clearer and harder
about my life than I ever have before.
A thousand thank yous for Lifebook!"

Amy Radick

Director of Fund Raising, Art Institute of Chicago